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  • I am a Registered Dietitian and the founder of Health Quartet Nutrition Consulting Inc. in Vancouver, British Columbia. I am also a true foodie! I love food, and am passionate about trying new foods and recipes.  I feel proud that my friends and the people I meet are excited to learn that I am a dietitian.

    My journey into the field of nutrition began ten years ago in Ontario with a Bachelor of Applied Science in food and nutrition from Ryerson University, Toronto. My postgraduate work continued at The Chinese University of Hong Kong where I received my Master’s Degree in Public Health. I was honored to receive the BC Regional Morgan Medal Award from the Canadian Foundation for Dietetic Research (Dietitians of Canada) in 2010 for my work in acknowledging the gap between theory and practice in menu planning for seniors in care.  This award has deepened my commitment to providing creditable and practical advice in food and nutrition based on current research, as well as improving the quality of food for this vulnerable population.

    I work closely with experienced chefs to enrich the nutritional value of traditional recipes and to develop standardized recipes for various texture-modified diets.  As well, I connect with residents regularly to discuss their needs and expectations on the food provided at the facility. I have become more creative in designing interventions for individuals with challenges in meeting their nutritional needs.

    In my opinion, “client-centered” care is the core value and best nutrition care approach for this vulnerable population.

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