• Three Pillars Nutrition; a nutrition and wellness counselling service that empowers individuals to embrace, understand, and enjoy food and fitness!
    Jessica believes in using a holistic approach when working with her clients to define their individualized nutrition plan. She acknowledges the idea that health is determined by so much more than just our body weight. We need to lose our fear of food and eat in a flexible manner that values pleasure and our body’s internal cues.

    Jessica will help you make small, gradual changes in your daily routine which in turn result in a lasting, lifelong impact. She strives to help you find the joy in movement and being physically active. Considering all possible barriers to reaching your nutrition goals such as hectic schedules, finance, or lack of knowledge in the grocery store, Jessica will provide you with guidance to give you the self-confidence you need for accomplishing your goals.

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Credentials and Experience

Jessica graduated from Saint Francis Xavier University with a Bachelor of Science in Human Nutrition (Honours) with Dietetic internship. She has worked at Vancouver General Hospital providing coverage for a variety of acute care wards such as General Surgery, General Medicine, Neurology and Acute Medicine. She then transitioned into a General Outpatient role which focused on healthy weight, healthy digestion (IBS/IBD), chronic disease and allergies and intolerances. Currently, Jessica works in the lower mainland with Fraser Health as a clinical dietitian and is simultaneously working towards obtaining her Sport Nutrition Diploma through the International Olympic Committee.

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