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  • Lindsay has been Registered Dietitian since 2006. She has had a dynamic career working in a variety of clinical  and leadership roles within the public healthcare system in Northern BC. This includes both inpatient and outpatient settings for Northern Health and at BC Cancer. Lindsay’s interest in research led her to pursue a Master’s degree, which she completed in 2015.  Lindsay’s thesis research examined lifestyle information needs of rural breast cancer survivors living in Northern BC.

    Lindsay’s strong interest in  eating behaviour combined with a desire to push back against harmful and oppressive diet culture messages led her to pursue further training in Intuitive Eating.

    Alongside her professional career, Lindsay is passionate about movement and has had a lifelong involvement in a variety of sports. Lindsay’s grew up figure skating competitively and as an adult has a strong presence in community sports both as an individual athlete and on sports teams, including running, cross-country skiing, cycling, swimming, multisport, and ultimate.  Lindsay stays current in latest sports nutrition research and applies what she learns in her own kitchen, and during training and competition.

    Lindsay is skilled at balancing evidence-based nutrition recommendations with the importance of maintaining a healthy relationship with food. She is motivated to help individuals improve their quality of life and reach their potential.

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Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor
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