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Nov 28
Embracing a Plant-Forward Future: Insights and Practical Tips from the Forward Food Summit

Last month, our team attended the inspiring Food Forward Summit, an event that united food service professionals, health experts, and environmental scholars. The summit, organized by SFU Roots and Humane Society International/Canada, aimed to empower attendees with knowledge and skills to integrate more plant-based foods into their diets and businesses. As dietitians dedicated to supporting […]

Nov 24
Curated Black Friday Deals & Cyber Monday for Dietitians in 2023

BC RD PRO Membership – We can’t offer any sales on the membership as the current price is a steal, sign up now to lock in the lowest pricing we will ever offer. We have big plans to grow this platform in 2024 and so the membership fees will be going up by Mar 2024. […]

Nov 03
Why is it so hard to change my eating?

Do you struggle with emotional eating? “I’m an emotional eater”“I know what to eat, but I just can’t seem to do it”“I wish I had more will-power” You may know all the right things to eat, but struggle with how much and when? It is normal to struggle with food. Each of us have developed […]

Sep 27
How do I find a dietitian for me?

If you have a question about food and nutrition, where do you go to find reliable answers? Social media, Google, Health Canada, nutritionists or advice from friends and family are all common ways people seek more information, however, the reliability of some of these sources can be questionable or the advice simply difficult to understand!  […]

Sep 13
Adopt the 80/20 Mindset for Food Freedom

Have you ever considered the 80/20 mindset towards food freedom? Do you think of food in two categories? Good or bad? Allowed or not allowed? This is often how diet culture restricts our efforts in long lasting change. Strict dietary rules make it easy to fail. In this case, if one slips off their plan, […]

Aug 20
Meet your BC Dietitian Nutritionist – Selena De Vries

Selena De Vries is a Registered Dietitian residing in the beautiful Okanagan BC.  As someone who lives with celiac disease, Selena can truly empathize with her clients and give you her best tips when it comes the support she offers for people diagnosed with celiac disease and digestive disorders. She is an expert professionally as a […]

Aug 18
Beating the Quarantine 15 Weight Gain

Weight gain has became inevitable for many of us with staying home during the pandemic lockdown and social distancing.  The major disruption in daily routine and healthy habits combined with the stress of an uncertain future – the unfortunate reality of job losses, businesses closing down, economic instability, it is no surprise that the number […]

Aug 18
Back to School Nutrition: A Balanced Recipe for Success

The Fall weather has definitely creeped up on us and so has back to school / back to work for many of you! With more relaxed restrictions over the summer and the world navigating a new sense of “normal”, Back to School / back to work can be definitely bring a heightened anxiety for the […]

Aug 18
How Much Halloween Candy Is OK for my kids To Eat?

My kindergartener asked me how many days until Halloween.  He is so excited for Halloween because he really enjoyed going door to door down our neighborhood for trick-or-treating and eating all the candies afterwards of course! What to do with all the Halloween candies and treats? We often get questions around how to handle “junk […]

Aug 16
Meet your BC Dietitian Nutritionist – Jessica Roocroft

Who doesn’t want a fun, quirky Registered Dietitian to help them navigate the confusing world of food intolerances and nutrition!? Enter Jessica Roocroft:  Owner of her own company Jess Nourishes, is a North Vancouver-based private practice dietitian who helps women frustrated with their bloating nourish themselves, break up with uncomfortable toilet time, and navigate their food intolerances based on best […]

Aug 16
What is Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) and How to Improve Your Gut Health

Gut issues and digestive symptoms are not fun to deal with – IBS symptoms range from constipation, diarrhea to bloating, cramping, stomach pain and gas.  IBS affects 8-10% people worldwide and many people have just been dealing with it for many years and despite a bunch of medical work up, multiple scopes and consulting with […]

Aug 16
6 Steps to Meal Plan for the Week

You come home from work, starving, staring at your fridge and get asked the infamous question – “What’s for Dinner?” Many people are starting to head back to work in the office, which means we are spending more time to travel back and forth to work, needing to plan and bring a lunch into the […]



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