Collaborations & Partnerships with BC Dietitians

Finding Ways to Work Together to Double our Impact


We love working with a variety of clientele to best educate and improve people’s nutrition and health. Whether you’re a corporation looking to educate your employees on health & wellness or your business is looking to leverage a nutrition expert’s voice, BC Dietitians can help you find the perfect fit for your needs!


Are you ready to team up with BC Dietitians to promote your brand’s awareness? A partnership between your brand and the BC Dietitians Network can help to elevate your brand’s like-know-trust factor and provide trustworthy and valuable input to your brand.  Do you have a workshop, tool or skillset that would benefit Dietitians across BC? We are always looking to add value to our dietitian members, so let us find a way to work together!  We partner with brands that align with our values and promote a positive and inclusive environment for all parties involved. 

BC Dietitians are offering these services :

  • Nutrition & wellness education 
  • Corporate workshops
  • Brand awareness & advocacy 
  • Social media collaborations
  • Media appearances
  • Food photography 
  • Recipe development 
  • Meal plans 
  • Content Creation
  • Speaking engagements 
  • Guest Speaking & Blogging
  • Mentorship


Whether it’s on air, on screen, or in print, we can help to partner you with a Dietitian’s voice for your next big story. Our experts are happy to help you bring your next story to life with evidence-based recommendations and nutrition knowledge for all audiences. 

We’re happy to educate on any of the following topics: 

  • Eating healthy on a budget 
  • Meal prepping for the week ahead
  • Nutrition for mental health
  • Diet trends and recommendations 
  • Eating for specific conditions and disease prevention (ie. diabetes, high cholesterol, celiac disease)
  • Nutrition for energy and vitality 
  • Debunking common nutrition myths 
  • Discussions on the latest popular supplements
  • How to fuel for workouts
  • Perinatal nutrition essentials
  • Helping your children develop healthy eating habits from a young age 
  • … and more! 

Didn’t see something on this list that you would love a presentation on?


Send us a message – we’re happy to accommodate the needs of your audience. 

Reach out.