Client handout : Low FODMAP Vegetarian Protein List

Getting enough protein from a vegetarian diet while going through a low FODMAP diet can be quite challenging!  This one-pager handout provides a list of plant-based protein sources that are low in FODMAP – portion sizes are listed out for 5g and 10g protein based on the Monash University FODMAP diet app.

This handout is provided in a word document (1 page), unbranded and customizable for your practice!




Adopting a plant-based diet can be challenging, especially when managing specific dietary needs or restrictions.  If you’re considering a plant-based diet but are concerned about FODMAPs, or if you’re a dietitian working with clients with such dietary needs, this resource is designed for you. Our commitment at BC Dietitians to provide practical, evidence-based resources to support a wide range of dietary preferences and health conditions.

How This Resource Can Help:


  1. For Individuals with Digestive Sensitivities:
    • Those who follow a low FODMAP diet due to digestive issues like IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) often find it difficult to choose plant-based proteins that won’t exacerbate their symptoms. Our handout provides a list of vegetarian proteins suitable for a low FODMAP diet, making it easier to maintain both a plant-based and gut-friendly diet.
  2. Incorporating into Meal Planning:
    • This resource can be a valuable tool for meal planning. It offers a variety of protein options, ensuring that meals are both nutritionally balanced and digestively comfortable. Dietitians can use this list to help clients create diverse and satisfying plant-based meals.
  3. Educational Tool for Dietitians and Clients:
    • For dietitians, this handout serves as an educational tool to guide clients who are navigating the complexities of combining a plant-based diet with a low FODMAP eating plan. It simplifies the process of identifying suitable protein sources, making dietary adjustments less overwhelming for clients.


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