Pediatric Nutrition Consultation & Services

BC Dietitians can Help Support Your Kid's Health and Eating Habits

Mealtimes can be one of the most stressful experiences parents face day to day. With an abundance of confusing information on the internet and unsolicited advice from peers, it can be overwhelming to know how to provide your child with the best nutrition! A dietitian can help you navigate your feeding journey from breastfeeding to navigating formula options and starting solids all the way to addressing feeding challenges like picky eating. 

When you start introducing your baby to solid foods, it’s difficult to know what, how, when, and why certain foods might work better for your baby than others. A dietitian can help you develop a feeding plan that works for your family, help your baby to start eating solids according to their developmental readiness, prevent food allergies, incorporate favorite family meals, enhance nutrition, and foster healthy eating habits to set them up for feeding success!

Do you have a picky toddler on your hands? Are you concerned that your child might not be getting enough nutrients because they’re throwing tantrums at mealtimes? We understand that this can be very challenging, which makes it even more crucial  to seek help early on in the process so that health and behavioral concerns can be managed. Family meals should be a time to connect with your loved ones, instead of making multiple meals to please each member of your household. When we work together, our dietitians will help you formulate a plan so you can get back to enjoying family time in a peaceful environment. 

Other challenges that we can help to manage include: 

⮞Picky eating 

Food allergies 

⮞Growth concerns 

⮞Nutrient deficiencies 

⮞Autism & other developmental delays 

⮞Mealtime struggles 

⮞Starting solid foods 

⮞Food allergy management and prevention 

⮞Constipation, Toddler’s Diarrhea

Tummy issues 

⮞Other health concerns 




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