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The SFU and Forward Food Summit

The SFU and Forward Food Summit will bring together food service professionals, fostering networking and equipping them with skills to integrate plant-based foods into menus to drive a more local and sustainable food system.

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Iron Deficiency & Supplementation: Who, What, When, and How?

Iron deficiency is one of the most common nutrient deficiencies in the world, affecting more than 25% of people worldwide. Children and pregnant women are especially vulnerable to the consequences of iron deficiency, making it a leading cause of anemia. As dietitians and health care professionals, we work with many of the population who may have and/or at risk for Iron deficiency – this webinar will provide you with an overview of best practice and recommendations for Iron deficiency and supplementation to support your practice. In this webinar, you will learn : WHAT supplement should you recommend? Navigating the supplement aisle and the different forms available in the market. What to look for on an iron supplement label. WHO needs extra iron? Best practice and considerations for the assessment of iron status. Effectiveness of dietary interventions on Iron status. WHEN is iron supplementation particularly important? A special focus on pregnancy,

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Navigating Prenatal Folate Supplementation : Forms, Dosage, and Controversies

Explore the intricate world of folate supplementation during pregnancy. We will dissect the various aspects of folate intake, including forms, dosages, and controversies, to equip dietitians and health professionals with up-to-date insights. Join us as we unravel the complexities of folate and its pivotal role in perinatal nutrition.   In this webinar, you will learn : Perinatal physiology and folate metabolism during pregnancy Explore the fundamental processes that underline fetal development and how folate metabolism contributes to neural tube formation. Perinatal folate recommendations including the updated 2022 Society of Obstetricians and Gynecologists of Canada perinatal folate guidelines for neural tube defect risk reduction   Understand and compare folate forms (folic acid vs. 5-methyltetrahydrofolate 5-MTHF) and doses used in commercial prenatal vitamins Explore the varying folate forms and dosages used in commercial prenatal vitamins and their implications for maternal and fetal outcomes. Current controversies and concerns related to excess folic acid

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Legal Considerations for Your Dietetic Practice

This webinar will provide you with a good understanding of the legal considerations from client management and telehealth to collaborations and ethical marketing. Gain insights from two BC lawyers from Sorensen Smith Legal Counsel. Practice and client management -Updates on the precedent package -Brief overview of informed consent, professional liability, and client complaints -Data protection, privacy, and confidentiality – communicating with clients and storing sensitive information -Telehealth and virtual consultations – how the legal landscape differs from in person practice Collaborating with others -Collaborations and referral – understanding legal aspects of collaborating with other healthcare professionals and making referrals -Intellectual property rights – protecting branding, resources, and trade secrets in group practice and collaborations Legal and ethical intersections -Cultural competency and inclusivity -Using technology – social media, AI -Ethical marketing: legal and ethical standards

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Trauma Informed Practice for Registered Dietitians

This 3h webinar provides participants with a shared understanding of trauma and attachment disorders and how we, in the helping professions, can ensure our practice is trauma informed, safe and compassionate. This webinar will go over : An overview of trauma or ACES Informed practice The interpersonal neurobiology at the heart of trauma-informed Potential health issues related to trauma Strategies for better communication and connection Q&A period

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Half Your Plate Symposium for Health Professionals

The Canadian Produce Marketing Association (CPMA) invites you to its Half Your Plate Symposium for Health Professionals which will be held at its Annual Convention and Trade Show in Vancouver, BC. This full-day symposium provides dietitians and health professionals with key learning and networking opportunities from some of the top nutrition and industry experts, to help Canadians improve their fruit and vegetable consumption for better health.

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