• I get that untangling nutrition information can be confusing. As a Registered Dietitian in British Columbia I can help you confidently make changes to how and what you eat so you can live the life you want to live. You may want to stop the development of diabetes, heart disease or reduce the impact of digestive problems. Maybe it’s the right time to lose weight or have a better relationship with food. Either way, it’s time to start taking care of yourself.

    Meal Plans - no problem!  I use a meal planning software called EATLOVE.  You get a personalized, customized nutrition prescription with flexible easy-to-make recipes!

    Wise Eats Basic Service - 1 month meal planning

    Nutrition Analysis?  Discover your nutrition gaps by completing a food frequency computer questionnaire.  We can then set targets on your phone food journal app and discuss your progress during your appointment.

    Lifestyle Reboot with 3 month meal planning

    Need more accountability?  We have 5 session packages that include meal planning and diet assessment.   If you need help with your low FODMAP diet choose the digestive package.

    Digestive Health with 3 month meal planning 

    Online anywhere in British Columbia, and also in-person in Parksville.   Send me a message today or book a free discovery call.

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