• How would it feel to stop searching online for meal plans, to enjoy your favorite foods and to not stress about every potluck or dinner out with friends …and still walk out of your doctor’s office with better lab results, lower medication doses and a pat on the back?


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    Eating can feel like a burden when you're trying to improve your cholesterol, blood pressure or blood sugars.  All of a sudden, the foods you’ve always eaten, the ways you’ve always cooked and the routines and habits you’ve followed feel like they’re being questioned.


    It’s completely understandable if you feel anxious, restricted, guilty, or judged about your food choices.


    And it only gets worse when you try to look for information online ...


    Not only is the internet filled with conflicting information, but the so-called miracle diets are HARD, making you feel like there's something wrong with you when you can't stick with it for more than a couple months.


    Then there's the whole topic of losing weight for your health. Social media is filled with people starving themselves in the name of health on one side ... and on the other side, people stuffing themselves saying that weight has nothing to do with health.

    Yet your doctor keeps telling you to lose 10-15lbs ... so what to believe?!


    Even when you feel confident with knowing what to eat for your health, life seems to get in the way.


    Knowing and doing are 2 different things!


    In my work with people, we start at the beginning and work through your challenges, step-by-step until you feel confidence and enjoyment with your eating ... without restricting your favorite foods or chasing a number on the scale.


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Interesting Facts

Although I’m a dietitian, I’m a real person and a mama first! Here’s a few more things about me

I’m a big fan of double-duty appliances, cutting corners on recipes and finding ways to use the least amount of dishes when cooking

My favorite time of day is the early quiet morning with a cup of coffee (though at this point with 2 busy boys I can only dream of those moments returning someday)

The tallest roller coaster I’ve been on was the Leviathan at Canada’s Wonderland ... and I loved every thrilling second of it!

Credentials and Experience

Registered Dietitian with 14 years experience working with adults who love to eat and also want to be healthy so they can enjoy the things ahead!

Other certifications:
Certified Diabetes Educator
Certified Craving Change facilitator

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