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  • How would it feel to stop searching online for meal plans, to enjoy your favorite foods and to not stress about every potluck or dinner out with friends ...and still walk out of your doctor's office with better lab results, lower medication doses and a pat on the back?

    Eating can feel like a burden, especially if you’re trying to make a change or if you’re running from a chronic health condition. All of a sudden, the foods you’ve always eaten, the ways you’ve always cooked, the routines and habits you’ve followed feel like they’re being questioned. What was once just something you did now feels ‘bad’ or ‘wrong’ and everyone wants to give you their 2-cents on how to deal with it ... whether you wanted to know or not!

    It’s completely normal to feel anxious about eating, or restricted, guilty or judged, or resentful that the only way you think you can get your numbers down is to eat the same thing day-in-day-out, like a punishment.

    As a Registered Dietitian, I see so many people struggling with their weight and wondering where to start with their eating to prevent a heart attack or avoid getting diabetes. Feeling really terrible about how their bodies have changed over the years. Being told they’re obese, assuming they're doing something wrong and feeling judged that they aren't trying hard enough change it.

    Over the past 12+ years, I’ve learned ‘real-life’ ways to make small tweaks to your eating that can have huge and lasting benefits to your overall health. Shifts in your habits to stop yourself asking “why is eating so hard?” or thinking “what am I allowed to eat now?”.  Simple tools to guide your decisions, making ‘healthy’ the easy choice.

    We live in a world of information overload. ‘Getting healthy’ might mean losing some weight or it might not. There’s no one right way to eat for your heart health, get to your best weight or to prevent diabetes.

    But knowing what you ‘should’ do (like eat more veggies) and actually doing it are 2 different things!


    In the Nourish your Health program, we talk about how you can still eat all the things you love while adding in heart-friendly, nutrition-boosting habits. We find the balance between getting results and keeping flexibility so you can feel confident yet satisfied with your eating for the long run. And so you don't have to question yourself, "am I doing enough?".

    The Nourish your Health program is much more than just an info session about healthy eating ...

    It’s a guided step-by-step program that starts with foundational strategies and gets you taking action with each new topic. We discuss the real-life stuff that gets in your way and keeps you from maintaining your successes, such as making it work for your whole family, (actually) enjoying holidays and celebrations, dealing better with stress and understanding what’s behind your evening snacking or emotional eating.

    This program is for anyone who wants to:

    • lower cholesterol, blood pressure or blood sugars
    • eat well for heart health, to prevent diabetes and lose some of that weight that's been creeping on
    • learn learn flexible strategies for navigating real life to stay on track long-term
    • realize why life-long change is about so much more than willpower
    • stress less about what to eat and have an improved relationship with food


    Get all the resources, strategies and personalized help at your fingertips in this one-stop program to see improvements with your cholesterol, blood pressure, blood sugars, energy level and overall health. Not only will you improve your heart health but you'll also learn life-long ways of eating and practical habits that will help you lower diabetes risks and reach your best weight.


    Are you ready to take control of your health before your health controls your life?

    Learn more about the Nourish your Health Program Or message me to chat about if this is the right program for you.

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Registered Dietitian
Certified Diabetes Educator
Certified Craving Change facilitator

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When I'm not working with clients

... I'm planning so my next nutrition ideas can come to life! I'm also writing blog articles, sharing tips and tricks on Facebook and Instagram and answering your questions in my Facebook group, the Nourish your Health, Nourish your Weight Community.

After hours I'm hanging out with my boys (playing Lego or convincing the little one to take a nap which is a full-time job) and finding ways to cook using the fewest dishes possible. And those times I have a free moment? Coffee/wine (depending on the time of day), Netflix, crafting, reading and music!

Although I am a person first and a dietitian second, there are reasons I've found my calling in this career. I get to use food to bridge the old ways and the new times. I get to be a teacher, a helper, a scientist, a coach, a trusted source of information, a listener, a guide, a writer, a cook. Best of all, I get to work with real people who have real struggles ... and I have the honour of being invited to walk alongside them on their journey.

Thanks for letting me share a bit about my story with you. I look so forward to hearing your's!

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