• If you're ready to give up yo-yo dieting, "emotional eating" and bingeing, and find your peace, freedom and comfort with your food, eating habits & body size, you're in the right place! Cristel at nutriFoodie is a non-diet, weight-inclusive and trauma-informed dietitian who works with everyone who identifies as a female who is ready to give up dieting and reclaim their body, worth, and value through Intuitive Eating and Health at Every Size. The core belief in nutriFoodie's practice is bridging the gap between mental & physical health through honouring and healing the relationships we have with one another, community, food, and body. This practice rises above number counting and idealistic (and unrealistic) expectations around food, eating and body image or size. We all deserve to respect the body we're in, and we all have the right to eat and enjoy food, too. Watch this video to learn more about Cristel: https://nutrifoodie.ca/work-with-me/ All services are offered virtually in British Columbia, Canada.

    *Currently on extended maternity leave and not accepting new clients*

Interesting Facts

I LOVE grocery shopping and looking for new products.
I'm Lebanese and a self-taught multi-cultural cook, but I mostly cook Asian-inspired food.
My favorite part of my work is getting to know my clients in a way that allows them to feel connected and trusted - this is where all the inspiring change happens.

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Registered Dietitian

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