• I'm Amelia, Registered Dietitian and Registered Massage Therapist. My career in nutrition has been primarily focused in the clinical field however one of my biggest passions is connecting one on one with clients and discussing food, body trust and unpacking the science (or lack there of..) of modern day "diets". I'd like to create a space for openness, sharing and connection as nutrition can be emotional and highly confusing, especially in today's world.
    Nutrition is so much more than meal planning and goal setting, I want to hear your story and provide individualized, evidenced based advice that nourishes your physical and mental health.

    My practice areas include: adult nutrition- general healthy eating guidance, post surgical nutrition, body image work, renal nutrition, diabetes, optimizing nutrition for those on therapeutic/texture modified diets or on a specialized diet for a food intolerance/vegetarian/vegan/allergy.

    A little about me.. I love long distance running and cooking for others. I work part time as an RMT fulfilling my other passion of providing non invasive, hands on body care working with all types of bodies in all stages of life. I currently live and work in Victoria, BC but have lived all over BC and love so many parts of this amazing province.


    Although I'd like to help everyone along their nutrition journey I must be transparent with my educational scope and only provide care to those I feel best equipped to counsel. I am currently NOT seeing the following client groups: pediatrics (18 years of age or younger), pregnancy, and active diagnosed eating disorders.

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I have worked in all areas of dietetics (renal, surgery, long term care, out patients, general medicine), I love long distance running and I work part time as a registered massage therapist.

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  • 1834a Oak Bay Avenue, Victoria, BC V8R 1C2, Canada

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