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Free Online Workshop: 3 Quick-Win Ways to Eat for Life-Long Health

March 1, 2024 @ 12pm PST

Learn how to use simple swaps to improve your labs in the next 3 months and feel confident about your long-term health

It’s time to ditch Dr. Google and learn the most effective steps for lasting results … so you can get on with the important things in life.

Eating to improve your health doesn’t have to mean the end of all things yummy.

It’s not about sticking to a list of good-foods-bad-foods.

And it doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive.


There’s some really great information on the internet … but finding it feels like that elusive needle in a haystack.  And if you do find it, it sounds like it was meant for someone else or you’re left with even more questions than you started with!


That’s why I’m opening my virtual office door with this free workshop … for you to learn, ask, share and feel supported as you take these first steps to eating for your healthful future.


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You’ll walk away with

1. Foods to add into your eating (vs a list of what to avoid)

2. Real-life ways to use these quick-wins

3. Strategies to stick with it for life-long health


This workshop is for you if …

  • you’ve just been diagnosed with high cholesterol, blood pressure or blood sugars and want to change your eating
  • you want to do your best to avoid medications for your cholesterol or blood pressure
  • you have a family history of heart disease or type 2 diabetes and you want to be proactive about your health
  • you feel confused about all the conflicting information out there and want to start your journey on the right path


Count me In!


Have questions about if this workshop is for you? Just message me with the Get in Touch section up there on the right-hand side!

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