In honor of the Celiac Awareness Month, our may workshop is on Celiac disease with BC Dietitian, Selena DeVries. In this workshop, we will review and understand Celiac disease and navigation of resources for clients with suspected or diagnosed Celiac disease. We will have an opportunity to try out some of the favorite GF products and provide practical advice to support these clients.

In This Webinar, You will learn about...

  • A brief overview of celiac disease - from diagnosis to treatment
  • Management strategies for people who may be suspected of having celiac disease but do not, yet, have a diagnosis
  • Top 5 bloodwork that should be assessed and monitored for celiac disease and ongoing considerations
  • Overview of what should be taught in an initial celiac appointment (label reading - food, alcohol, supplements, personal care products, cross contamination at home)
  • Review of the top reason for ongoing issues despite a strict gluten free diet in practice
  • Review of GF products that are delicious, nutritious and accessible in BC (taste test of celiac dietitian's and her client's favorite products)
  • further resources, Q&A
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