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BC Dietitians can Help You Understand and Manage Your Kidney Disease

So your doctor told you to go on a renal diet… now what? It can be overwhelming to adopt a new way of eating, especially when you’re adjusting to a new health concern, such as kidney disease. With the help of our Registered Dietitians, however, you can adopt a diet that makes sense for you and your lifestyle. 


A renal diet is often prescribed when your kidneys are having trouble processing some of the nutrients that you’re ingesting as a regular part of your diet. So, when you speak to your RD, they’ll evaluate your needs based on your most recent labwork and create a plan with you that will keep you in optimal health. 


It’s important to keep in mind that your diet might change over time as your condition changes, so always make sure to keep your dietitian in the loop with any changes that are happening. One more important note: there is no generalized renal diet. Every renal diet is customized to you and your needs. Some people with kidney disease may have to limit sodium, fluids, protein, phosphorus or potassium. Your RD will give you clarification about whether or not you need to restrict those items and what to do so you can be as healthy as possible on your prescribed diet. 


If you’ve been recently diagnosed with compromised kidney functions, this is the right place for you. Our Dietitians are trained to help you slow down the progression of your kidney disease and keep you feeling your best. 

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