Meet your BC Dietitian Nutritionist – Annie Tsang

Annie Tsang is a registered dietitian based in Burnaby, BC.  Her private practice focuses on eating disordersgut healthcancer care, as well as fertility and prenatal nutrition.  Through The Nutrition Well, Annie stresses the importance of beginning with a healthy mind to start any lifestyle change. Annie is easy to talk to, patient, has a great sense of humor, and she will work with you to reach your nutrition goals.

Seeing a dietitian that is right for you should be a positive journey! We are here to help support and guide you, not police you

Who is Annie Tsang?

What Services Do You Offer as a Registered Dietitian?

In my private practice, majority of my clients come to me for gut issues, emotional eating issues, weight management, and pregnancy nutrition.  

My clinical experience comes from working at the BC Cancer Agency, the Eating Disorder Program in Richmond, and in the community with mental health population.

What is a Unique Benefit & Value of Working with You?

I feel my rapport with my clients is great. I do not force my clients to make changes that are not part of their goals. I work with my clients and help guide them towards their goals – they really enjoy that!


My clients feel supported and accomplished when working with me. Sometimes I am there just to listen to what they need and clarify their goals. We are all humans — if my clients did not reach their goals, we take a step back and reassess, reevaluate and rebuild some realistic goals.


I respect my clients’ beliefs and will help support their decisions and I support them with evidence-based information!

What’s Your Favorite Compliment You have Received from Your clients?

That I actually take the client’s lifestyle and personality into consideration when designing their nutritional plans.  I keep them interested and motivated in sustaining the progress that they have made and I am very patient.

Share a time when you know you have made a difference

I have worked with one client for a long term — I would say 1.5 to 2 years, trying to figure out what causes her gut-issues — and we finally figured it out — it was mainly STRESS! I feel proud when my clients feel as accomplished as I feel when they reach their goals.  


I am also proud when some of my clients actually conceive after seeing me about maternal health — perhaps it’s to do with the diet, but also mental health!  I just love what I do and I always include the mental health piece when working patiently with my clients.

When and how a client take a step to get in touch with you?

When they feel like they need a change in what they are eating or how much they are eating,


When they don’t really enjoy food and want to build that positive relationship with food again, 


When they think they are ready to make even a small change in their eating habit or eating mindset — sometimes a chat with a dietitian is all they need rather than going on the internet to search for millions of blogs that confuse them even more,


and finally, some people just want to know if they are on the right track. 


 You can get in contact with me through my profile, or on my website 

What is your favourite meal or snack?

Sushi or my homemade lasagna, and anything with pesto, like my daughter!

If you would like to learn more about and work with Annie from The Nutrition Well, head on over to her profile and send her a message to get started!

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