• Carla was born in the tri-cities of Vancouver and cannot see herself move anywhere else but BC. She loves nature, which is plentiful where she calls home. Her journey to becoming a registered dietitian was influenced by growing up in a household where cooking was the norm. As a result, she started cooking at an early age and loved everything about it. Carla graduated from the University of British Columbia in 2019 and has been busy since. She is a diabetes dietitian with Fraser Health, working in a maple ridge outpatient Diabetes center and as a member of Dietitians of Canada, she participates in various advocacy meetings. Carla loves doing community events such as group education sessions or cooking classes, which she tries to include regularly in her practices.

    Working with Carla, you can help develop an understanding of your nutrition needs, or ways to prevent nutrient deficiencies. You can build a healthy relationship with food and your body, and encourage the choice of foods you enjoy while meeting your nutrient and digestive needs.


    Why see a dietitian?

    Carla can help you treat your current condition with the best possible outcomes. She can help with grocery shopping ideas and meal planning. She can assist with label reading so you know what nutrients you want to be mindful of. She can help you manage your blood sugars and energy levels, and sometimes this comes down to stress management or hormone changes. Our mental health can also impact our food choices, and vice versa. Speak with Carla today to figure out the connections.

    Carla can also assist with teaching classes within your organization or company - reaching many people to provide nutrition education in group or corporate settings. This allows people to hear questions from each other, and come up with ideas they may not have thought about on their own.


    You can book with her today at

    Aster Wellness Centre


    Criterion Wellness

    Or, send her a message to book a discovery call to see if you and her are the right fit to work together.

Interesting Facts

Carla can speak German and Italian (just the basics, for now!) and has recently taken an interest in ceramics.
Loves conducting corporate events and teaching classes to provide nutrition education to large audiences as well as one on one visits to get more personal.

Credentials and Experience

BSc – Bachelors of Science from the University of British Columbia
Dietetic Internship with Fraser Health Authority
Registered Dietitian for the province of BC

Diabetes Educator - Fraser Health Authority - Diabetes Health Center, Maple Ridge
Obesity Educator

Base City
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