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  • At “The Gut Loving Dietitian”, the "Biopsychosocial Model" (BPS) is used to evaluate our clients. BPS posits that biological, psychological (thoughts, emotions, and behaviors), and social factors all play a role in human development and functioning.

    Using this detailed and thorough evaluation process, together, we will seek to uncover any biological factors that are contributing to your problems such as health status, medications used, genetic predispositions, alcohol and drug use, nutrition, and exercise patterns. We analyze social and environmental forces such as work-related stressors, and family conflict.

    We add to the initial intake process a “whole-health” inventory, a much more thorough examination of your specific context. We will get to know you, listen to your story, and evaluate the interactions among environmental and lifestyle factors that may be holding you back from being your best self.

    With your input, we will develop a personalized, mutually agreed-upon therapeutic intervention. We will blend evidence-based guidance with a strong knowledge of supplementation and whole-food-based preparation to help make results achievable. In this way, we will work together to support your unique expression of health and wellbeing through a holistic and integrative process.

    Through comprehensive and individualized consultations, you will receive a personalized diet plan that is designed to help you reach and maintain your health goals.

    My mission is to inspire and empower you to enjoy good gut health!

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Credentials and Experience

- Master of Health Sciences (Health Sciences in Nutrition)

- Bachelor of Science (Nutrition Sciences - Dietetics)
- Accredited Graduate Dietetic Internship Practicum Program
- Monash University FODMAP & IBS trained dietitian
- Accredited Practicing Dietitian (College of Dietitians of British Columbia)
- Certified Digestive Care Advisor
- Certificate in Functional Nutrition

Interesting Facts

Hi! I'm Zahra.
I am a registered dietitian and a functional nutrition therapist.
I am an accredited practicing dietitian and an active member of the College of Dietitians of British Columbia with more than a decade of clinical experience working with people of all walks of life including patients living with cancer, undergoing surgery, struggling with autoimmune problems, hormonal imbalances, infertility, and gastrointestinal disorders.
At The Gut Loving Dietitian, I witness the transformative power that a happy gut brings. I am excited to help you integrate healthy dietary habits into your lifestyle so you can function at your best!
I am convinced that there is no cookie cutter approach when it comes to nutrition, and this foundational belief informs and guides the way I support my clients.
At The Gut Loving Dietitian, I offer premium individualized care rooted in evidence-based nutrition advice that you can trust. I will get to know your specific needs and ensure you feel empowered each step of the way. Together, we will develop a diet plan tailored to your needs, goals, and lifestyle.
We will explore daily and weekly food intake, patterns of eating, cravings and emotional eating, emotional stressors, exercise habits as well as medical history and personal goals. Together, we will support your unique expression of health and well-being through a holistic and integrative process.
It brings me so much joy to see my clients learn how to gain control of their symptoms and enjoy food again.
I would love to help you.

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