• Hey, I’m Letisha, a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and I am the owner of Edge Nutrition & Performance Inc. We help busy professionals reclaim their energy, wellness, and confidence while losing weight and balancing their hormones. We are also very passionate about PCOS and IBS!

    I am passionate about helping busy adults & women with PCOS because I know what it is like to struggle to meet my energy needs while battling with body image expectations and the demands of a busy life. For years, I flirted with eating disorders, starving myself, then bingeing, body image, and training & competing while underfueled. It got to the point where I was getting sick every other week, had constant brain fog, dizzy & weak during training and lost my cycle. ⠀

    It took a lot of hard work & therapy to get healthy, but by the time I started fighting, I was able to fuel for the high demands of training and make weight without my performance & mental health suffering or regaining a large amount of weight after the fight. ⠀

    My superpower is to cut out all the noise, food rules, and body image expectations to help you fuel for a higher level of health and performance. I believe that the best nutrition coaching helps you free up brain space so you can focus on your family, friends, career, and passions.

Interesting Facts

When I am not at the office, you can find me playing with my 3 dogs, training boxing/Muay Thai, or searching for the perfect latte.

I am a WAKO Level 1 Kickboxing Coach and a 2019 Alberta Golden Glove Champ. I love a good fight 🙂

Credentials and Experience

BSc. Nutrition Major
Registered Dietitian

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