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  • I’m a Registered Dietitian focused on improving your relationship with food. By learning how nutrition impacts your mind, body, and spirit, you can find a good relationship with all types of food and eat for health and pleasure without guilt. I help women and men Decrease emotional binge eating Overcome guilt and anxiety around food Become empowered and confident in their food choices Decrease negative self talk when eating Create routines with food that fit their lifestyle Improve confidence on how to eat to satisfy hunger Know how to eat often and regularly to decrease overeating at night Learn how and why our bodies need food and the best way to nourish it Practice self compassion when difficult food situations arise Navigate stressful events without binge eating I focus on helping you in all aspects of your life and making sure you meet your health goals in ways that fit your ideals and lifestyle. 1:1 Coaching Program In my 1:1 coaching program, we work together to identify where your unhealed relationship to food stems from, what food rules you have, and how we can work together to overcome the lies diet culture has told you. You are capable and worthy of eating and living freely, without any shame, guilt, or rules attached.

Interesting Facts

-I'm 1/2 Korean, 1/4 Mexican, and 1/4 German
-My favourite animal is the Blue Whale

Credentials and Experience

-Registered Dietitian, College Of Dietitians of British Columbia
-Registered Dietitian, Commission on Dietetic Registration, United States
-Masters in Nutritional Science, San Jose State University, San Jose, California
-Bachelors in Psychology, University of Washington, Seattle, Washington

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