BC Dietitians
  • Nutrition Counselling Style:

    Let's work together to discover a healthy version of you and make eating easy again.


    Our sessions will focus on empowering you with skills and knowledge to make sustainable lifestyle changes that feel natural.


    My approach in counselling is not prescriptive, but rather flexible, non-dieting and go with flow type of eating. I believe in maintaining a healthy relationship with food and instilling body positivity.


    At this time, I am only providing services for adults in the following areas:
    General Healthy Eating
    Heart Health
    Prediabetes and Diabetes (non- insulin)
    Chronic Kidney Disease (not on dialysis)
    Diagnosed digestive conditions: Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Acid Reflux
    Fatty Liver
    *For other conditions not mentioned: please use the free discovery consultation option.


    If you want to feel more confident in your food choices and become a healthier you, connect with me and we can begin your food journey together.

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