• Kristy is a non-diet, weight-inclusive dietitian, and a recovered disordered eating person. She teaches clients and healthcare professions on how to ditch the diet mentality, reclaim food freedom, and improve their relationship with food and their bodies by using intuitive eating principles, mindful eating practices, and a bucket load of compassion + empathy. Kristy acknowledges the pervasive harm from weight-stigma in society and the oppressive systems that created diet culture. She honors cultural foods and advocates for an all-foods-fit approach.

    Kristy graduated from the University of British Columbia with Honors and completed her internship at Vancouver Coastal Health Authority.

    She has been in various roles including Director of Food Service in a major hospital, Regional Project Manager in Acute, LTC, and retail hospital food service, and In-Store Dietitian with a national retail brand. Her experience includes: individualized nutrition counselling, group nutrition webinars, corporate wellness workshops, healthcare in-services, virtual cooking classes, and menu review. Kristy is currently completing her graduate studies in Nutrition Communication (MHSc.) at Ryerson University.

    Email Kristy for any nutrition-related events or opportunities! She loves to engage with the community.

    Her hobbies include solo-backpacking, tennis, cycling, eating, and singing karaoke. She is also a podcast co-host on Shit We Don't Tell Mom - a podcast about destigmatizing anxiety, depression, and bi-polar in the Asian diaspora community. Look her up on any major podcast platforms.

    Her favorite cuisine is Vietnamese food.

Interesting Facts

I sing in a choir. Traveled to 24 countries (and counting!). And I'm a big advocate for positive mental health! My favourite foods are ice cream and noodles in soup.

Credentials and Experience

Registered Dietitian, BSc.

Base City
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