Meal Plan Consultation & Services

BC Dietitians work with you to design an individualized meal plan to crush your goals

You might be stumped when it comes to planning meals for your family (especially if your house has some picky eaters!). If you’re seeking out a personalized meal plan to achieve your goals, BC Dietitians Nutritionists can help. You don’t have to feel the frustration of not knowing how to implement the nutrition recommendations, what to make for dinner or planning out your meals on your own after an already long day!

Our personalized meal plans created by our team of dietitians nutritionists will help you to shop smarter and cut down on cooking time so you can spend your time on the truly important things in life. We’ll take the time to understand your specific needs and customize your plan based on dietary restrictions or preferences. Our meal plans are completely digitalize so you can take it with you and stay on track wherever you go.   

Whether you live alone or you’re preparing meals for your whole family, our team will create a totally customized plan together to suit your needs including recommendations for meal prep to make your life easier. You can let us know your favorite foods, dietary restrictions or any dislikes and we’ll handle the rest!

P.S. Needing some extra help to get your eating habits back on track and not ready to step back into the kitchen yet? Check out these ready-to-eat meal kit options in Vancouver for some inspiration and temporary solutions.




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