Vegetarian / Vegan Nutrition Consultation & Services

BC Dietitians can Help Optimize Your Nutrition and Health with a Plant Based Diet

Have you recently decided to change your lifestyle? Perhaps you’ve been experimenting with vegetarian or vegan diets for health.  Or you have been a vegetarian for a long time but life circumstances and/or different dietary requirements have you questioning if your plant based diet is adequate and optimized to achieve your goals.  Our network of dietitians can help you to ensure that you’re eating a well-rounded diet and prevent or correct any nutrient deficiencies  (ie. Iron) that may be associated with a poorly planned vegetarian diet.

If you’re raising a baby in a vegan household, you might need some assistance in making sure that your child is receiving adequate nutrition. Adolescents who switch to vegetarian-based diets also need assistance in ensuring they’re eating appropriately to support healthy growth. Whether you’re doing this alone or as a family, we can help you to navigate all of the questions, uncertainties and/or challenges that come with a change in lifestyle.

We have experience with different types of vegetarian diets including : Vegan, Pescatarian, Lacto-ovo Vegetarian, Lacto Vegetarian, Raw Vegan, and Flexitarian diets.




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