• Joelle uses an intuitive eating approach to help you build a healthy relationship with food. We can eat the foods we like and that are satisfying while also nourishing our body, even with a medical condition. Dieting and the pursuit of weight loss can cause us to view food as the enemy and we lose connection with our body awareness and our inner body cues. 95% of diets fail, and with the turn of every season a new diet is introduced. As a certified intuitive eating counsellor, Joelle's practice is geared to helping you in breaking the dieting cycle and building a healthy relationship with food. With her guidance, you can make peace will food, feel good, and get back to the joy of eating.


    The intuitive eating framework is also used with clients with various medical conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, fatty liver disease, PCOS, cancer, and others. In addition, Joelle has training and experience working with clients with disordered eating patterns and diagnosed eating disorders.  Learn more on the first steps to building a healthy relationship with food.


    Other areas of practice:

    • Feeding your family (from infant to teenager)
    • Medical Nutrition Therapy (high cholesterol, high blood pressure, prediabetes, auto immune diseases, and other medical conditions)
Credentials and Experience

Bachelor of Science degree in Biomedical Science from Quinnipiac University (2011)
Bachelor of Science degree in Food, Nutrition, and Health (Major Dietetics) from UBC Vancouver (2017)
Accredited dietetic internship with Interior Health Authority (2017)
Clinical Dietitian for Interior Health Authority working in areas such as paediatrics, general medicine, renal disease, intensive care, and community care.
Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor (2021)

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