Weight Loss Consultation & Services

BC Dietitians can Help Your Achieve Your Weight Loss Goals for Good

You’ve done every diet under the sun. Every time you diet, you feel great for a little while, but then you gain the weight back and feel worse than when you started. Sometimes you even gain more weight. You’re fed up, frustrated and ready to throw the diets out the window. 


When you work with a dietitian, they’ll create an individualized strategy that will work with you based on where you are right now. We help our clients to make changes that are manageable, reasonable and feel good so that you do not feel deprived. 


Our dietitians can help you with:

⮞Understanding the important roles of different macronutrients – protein, fat, and carbohydrates; their functions in your body and why they’re important to a healthy, functioning body 

⮞How to transform your mindset to achieve your weight loss goals

⮞Understand how all foods can fit into a balanced diet while still honoring your cravings 

⮞Differentiate between diet myths and fancy marketing versus nutrition facts 

⮞Understand the science behind nutrition recommendations and use an evidence-based approach to set you up for success lifelong, not just for 21 days 

⮞How to exercise in ways that feel good for your body 

⮞How to focus on improving your eating habits rather than cutting out entire foods or food groups 

⮞How to give yourself permission to enjoy special events, holidays, etc. without stressing out about what’s on your plate 

⮞How to find freedom from a life of restrictions

⮞ How to be in control of what you eat and still enjoy the foods you love

⮞How to incorporate healthy habits that focus on the whole body, including sleep and stress management 

⮞Understand the root of emotional eating and create new coping mechanisms that feel healthy and authentic to your unique lifestyle 





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