Adopt the 80/20 Mindset for Food Freedom

Have you ever considered the 80/20 mindset towards food freedom?

“Change your Thinking, Change your Eating!”

Do you think of food in two categories? Good or bad? Allowed or not allowed? This is often how diet culture restricts our efforts in long lasting change. Strict dietary rules make it easy to fail. In this case, if one slips off their plan, they might say, “I’ve blown it. I might as well eat whatever I want the rest of today and get back on track tomorrow.” This ‘All or nothing’ mentality promotes very rigid thinking about food and eating. It is very black and white without room for flexibility. It also expects perfection, an ideation that none of us can ever achieve.


Sometimes our fixed beliefs or mindset hinders us in moving forward. Our thoughts can sabotage our efforts in sticking to healthy habits for desired weight loss. For example, “That’s it, No more eating out. I’m going to start packing my lunch everyday.” Or, “I ate that donut at the meeting, so I won’t eat any rice at supper tonight.”


No one eats perfectly 100% of the time. In fact, you will have better long term success if you avoid fixated thinking and allow a more flexible train of thought.


Adjust your thinking to include an 80/20 mindset means that you choose healthy food choices most of the time (80%) while allowing yourself some less healthy options 20% of the time, guilt free! This means you can enjoy all foods in moderation and improve your relationship with food.  This mindset also encompasses that you are disciplined to provide yourself with regular and reliable food in amounts you find satisfying AND you can give yourself permission to enjoy a treat in moderation.


One of my clients came up with her own motto: “Slow and steady wins the race.” She understands that her consistent healthy habits are making a difference in the long run and she will achieve her desired weight loss goal by eating well 80% of the time and allow a treat here and there or enjoy dining out 20% of the time!


Another person shared that being less rigid or strict with their eating this summer has allowed flexibility and resulted in less mental and emotional stress.  The 80/20 mindset can help change your way of thinking to help you change your way of eating. It allows flexibility to really enjoy your food and your life!




2020. Craving Change: A How to Guide for Changing your Relationship with Food. Workbook and Craving Change Inc. program by Wendy Shah and Colleen Cannon.

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