•   Michelle is on a mission to create positive, healthy relationships with food. Our clients come to us feeling:

    • Overwhelmed by all the information out there
    • Frustrated by diets that don't work or losing and regaining weight again
    • Sluggish, low energy, and often with bloating and digestive issues
    • Like they're doing the right things but the weight, blood sugar, or digestive issues just won't budge
    • It doesn't have to be that way, we teach clients both what to eat for their body and how to keep it up

    Westcoast Nutrition helps people feel amazing in their own skin. Part warm hug and part kick-in-the-butt, we use  personalized nutrition and motivational coaching to get to the root of what isn't working for your body, so you can take control of the role food plays in your life, and build lifelong habits so the results actually stick this time. As a Registered Dietitian, my job is to provide you nutrition information and support you can trust. Together we can build you a style of eating that supports your lifestyle, allows you to enjoy food, and helps you meet your goals.   We offer 3 packages depending on your goals and how much support you need:

    1. Get Me Started -  a quick reboot to dial in on a focused goal or nutrition concern
    2. Lifestyle Kickstart - a more in depth dive to help build sustainable change and address more complex conditions or multiple goals.
    3. Lifestyle Makeover - our highest level of support and accountability for clients who are ready for real change with both one on one sessions to build skills and as well as a personalized meal plan to provide easy practical implementation.

      Locations: Virtual services are always available. We see clients virtually from across BC, and in person from the Lower Mainland and Fraser Valley at our Langley office. Find out more about each program, or book a free Find-Your-Fit call to chat about your goals, challenges and which program is right for you here: https://westcoastnutrition.ca/ I would love to connect.

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Michelle is on a mission to create positive, healthy relationships with food.

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BSc in Food, Nutrition and Health from the University of British Columbia
Registered Dietitian

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