• Hi, I'm Lawren! I am a Registered Dietitian and food-lover. I currently work as a clinical dietitian and I am experienced in pediatrics, oncology, medicine, surgery and neurology. I provide individual nutrition assessments and plans that may address nutrition or feeding concerns from infants and children to adults. I am passionate about developing food skills and life-long healthy habits across the lifespan. I offer nutrition services that focus on the following areas:

    • Prenatal nutrition
    • Pediatric nutrition
    • Common feeding challenges for children
    • Infant feeding, baby-led weaning, introduction to allergens and managing food allergies
    • Picky/problematic eating and building positive family eating/feeding experiences
    • Neurodivergent-affirming nutrition care and responsive feeding
    • Optimizing specialty diets (allergies, vegetarian, vegan, etc.)
    • Specialized diets for epilepsy
    • Oncology treatment and survivorship
    • Feeding tubes and tube feed weaning

    My approach is to complete a comprehensive nutrition assessment and build a therapeutic relationship so I can support you and your family throughout your food, nutrition and health journey. I aim to make recommendations that are specific for you or your family's needs.

    Experience with therapeutic ketogenic diets or keto for adult epilepsy and as a therapeutic adjuvant to oncology treatment (pediatrics and adults). Please book a discovery call if you would like to discuss this further.

    Please note I am currently on maternity leave until Spring 2025, please visit Little Spuds Nutrition to work with one of my team members. Our team provides virtual nutrition couselling services for residents of British Columbia.

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