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    NUTRITION AND BONE HEALTH PACKAGE ( Individuals with concerns about bone health and those already diagnosed with osteoporosis, will ensure their eating pattern provides an adequate intake of bone maintenance nutrients. )

    This package has me learn about: health conditions,  medications, vitamin/mineral supplements and your  current eating pattern. Most importantly, I discover your session expectations including your questions on how any aspect of eating might affect bone health.
    I will work with you on an individualized plan to optimize your calcium, vitamin D and protein intakes for bone and overall health. Questions on other dietary components such as coffee, fibre, magnesium etc. will be answered
    Finally, reliable bone health & osteoporosis resources will be provided.

    SENIORS’ NUTRITION PACKAGE (for: 1. seniors living independently who are not getting sufficient nutrition and physical activity to avoid decreases in their energy level, muscle mass, weight and strength, 2. seniors who appear to be heading in this direction.) This package was designed recognizing that such seniors have decreased stamina, seeing loss of capacity to carry out activities of daily living and enjoy life fully.

    This package has me learn about: health conditions, your current weight/weight changes, medications,  vitamin/mineral supplements, current eating pattern, procurement of groceries and meal preparation. I will assess whether you are poorly nourished/ at risk of becoming poorly nourished and work with you on an individualized eating plan to: improve your nutrition if you're poorly nourished/prevent poor nutrition if you're at risk and reinforce areas of strength in your eating habits.

    If appropriate, I’ll guide you to the physiotherapy Association of BC website to find physiotherapists in private or mobile clinics who can assess physical functioning and develop a personalized physical activity program to help with muscle strength and activities of daily living.

Credentials and Experience

Bachelor’s Degree (Honours) in Dietetics, Master of Science Degree in Human Nutrition, registered with College of Dietitians of BC

- hospital & outpatient experience (adult & pediatric): diabetes, chronic kidney disease, mental health, and surgical patients

-14 yrs at BC Women’s Osteoporosis Clinic counselling clients individually/ in groups, writing numerous articles/giving presentations on nutrition & bone health for health professionals/public and screening seniors for under nutrition/risk of under nutrition and working with them to improve their state of nutrition/well being.

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