Women’s Health Nutrition Consultation & Services

BC Dietitians take a holistic approach to women’s health

A woman’s health requires unique care throughout every stage of life, whether you’re seeking to ease PMS symptoms with your diet or manage perimenopause symptoms.


Appropriate nutrition can be a powerful tool to promote optimal healthmanage energy levelsbalance hormonescontrol hormonal acne and breakoutsresolve digestive issues and more. We can help you to adjust your diet to meet your specific needs. Appropriate nutrition recommendations can help ease symptoms associated with PCOS diagnosis such as weight gain, acne, irregular periods, managing ovulation cycle, insulin resistance and PMS. When you’re in the beginning stages of menopause, nutrition recommendations from a Registered Dietitian can help you to manage hot flashes, weight gain, osteoporosis, mood changes, decreased estrogen levels and slow metabolism.


When you’re in the stages of trying to get pregnant or if you’ve just had a baby, it’s so important to prioritize your health so you can fuel yourself for motherhood. Pre and post-natal nutrition will help you to optimize your energy and feel ready to tackle the newest stage of your life. We can help you to make sure your body has the best nutrition possible for breastfeeding and you have the tools to take care of yourself as your body and lifestyle are changing. 

You don’t have to feel frustrated or lost when it comes to your nutrition anymore. We can work with you in conjunction with your doctor to ensure that your nutrition meets the changing needs of your body. 


Our dietitians can help you with: 


⮞Hormonal Balance 

⮞Acne/Skin Breakouts 

⮞Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS)

⮞Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS)


⮞Prenatal Nutrition 

⮞Postpartum Nutrition

⮞Fertility Issues




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