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Melanie Chapple

My name is Melanie and I have a passion to help you improve your food & nutrition to feel your best. I am passionate to help people overcome binge and emotional eating with strategies from Craving Change Inc. program and to help you understand why, what, and how your eating affects your mood and food choices! I can help you build healthy habits towards your weight loss goals with mindful eating and tuning into your hunger and fullness cues. I help women over age 40 feel fit and fabulous and have nutrition recommendations for women’s health and hormones such as PCOS and thyroid disorders. I can also help you achieve your healthy weight and fitness goals or to fuel active lifestyles in sports nutrition.  I also work with people who want to improve their heart health, blood pressure, cholesterol, diabetes, liver and gut health.  I can help you navigate foods

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Craving Change Inc. Group Program

Join the Waitlist for this #1 Cognitive Behaviour Change program.  Overcome stress, boredom and emotional eating with Craving Change Inc.   Join this 8 week group program by LIVE Zoom sessions.   Understand WHY you eat the WAY you do. Uncover your eating triggers and learn behaviour change strategies in an small group towards a positive relationship with food. Learn HOW to heal your relationship with food with adjusting your mindset. 1 hour Group session x 8 weeks with weekly check in support, accountability and sample the Change Buffet each week. Bonus 9th session: Keep the Change.” This program includes your Craving Change Workbook and other valuable resources. Facilitated by Melanie Chapple, Registered dietitian and Certified Craving Change Facilitator.  “Change your thinking, Change your eating.”

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