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Frequently Asked Questions

Private practice dietitians are not covered by MSP.  However, many extended health benefit plans and insurance providers will cover a portion or all of the services provided by a Registered Dietitian (RD). Please confirm with your plan provider your maximum yearly and visit allowance.

Furthermore, registered dietitians are authorized medical practitioners recognized by the Canada Revenue Agency.  If you pay out of pocket for your dietitian services, you can claim these expenses as medical expense for tax credit purposes.

A doctor’s referral is not necessary to book in with a BC Dietitian. While a referral is not needed to start your journey with us, we do appreciate connecting with your healthcare provider to coordinate care and provide a holistic and comprehensive care plan.

Our private dietitian services cost $180 per session (no tax). We also offer package and meal plan pricing at BC Dietitians to make seeing a dietitian easy and affordable.  Many extended health benefits will cover dietitian services so you can get your expenses reimbursed.

Direct Billing may be available for the following insurance companies (please inquire for further info as it will depend on your specific plan): 

  • Canada Life
  • Great West Life
  • Green Shield Canada
  • ClaimSecure
  • Desjardins
  • Industrial Alliance
  • Johnson Group Inc.
  • Chamber of Commerce
  • Maximum Benefit
  • People Corporation

Definitely! Almost anyone can benefit from consulting a dietitian, particularly if you have specific dietary needs or medical conditions. Dietitians are skilled in creating personalized nutrition plans that cater to your unique situation and can help you achieve your nutrition and health goals, offering great value for your investment. 

You can consult a dietitian anytime you have a nutrition question, need a clear plan of action and/or want professional accountability to achieve your nutrition goals.

Some common topics people consult our dietitians include:

• Family & Kids Nutrition 
• Women’s Health 
• Healthy Aging 
• Food Allergies & Sensitivities
• Celiac Disease 
• Weight Loss 
• Sports Nutrition 
• Gut / Digestive Health 
• Diabetes
• Eating Disorders & Disordered Eating 
• Meal Planning

Your dietitian will first spend time understanding your specific situation, work with you to help clarify your goals and steps that you can take to meet these goals. Dietitians are skilled in assessing your needs based on your history, age, medical conditions, current lifestyle, and your skills and interest etc. He/she will take these into consideration when designing an individual plan that is tailored to your needs.

Your dietitian will provide recommendations based on his/her expertise coming from continuous education & research, as well as knowledge developed from professional and personal experiences. He/she will guide and support you through the process of change to achieve your goals (change is hard work!), help you problem solve, keep you accountable and answer any questions along the way.

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