6 Easy Vegetarian Meals for Busy People

Wow! The first month of the new decade has already flew by right before our eyes. 

Life can get so busy and it’s so easy to put our eating and nutrition in the back burner!  Are you still struggling everyday to figure out “What’s for Dinner?” or does it still seem SO daunting to feed everyone in the family with nutritious food that everybody will enjoy?

Where to Start with a Plant-Based Diet?

Many of us may not be used to dedicating time to prioritize our own nutrition and eating because well, we don’t have time for that!  But when we do find a method that works for our family and our lifestyle, meal planning and cooking homemade meals will not take you any more time than putting an order through “uber eats” and “skip the dishes” and waiting for your food to arrive!

It can seem a little overwhelming if you’re going from no meal prep to planning a whole month of meals!  Start by planning and prepping two or three meals ahead of time and get into the habit of cooking extra so that you can do different combinations of leftovers instead of cooking a new meal from scratch everyday! 

Check out our Meal Planning Blog to get you started on the basics. To get you started, we are sharing with you a list of 6 easy vegetarian meals for busy people from our very own BC Dietitians.

1. Spinach, Dried Cranberry and Chickpea Quesadilla with Guacamole

Registered dietitian Kristen Yarker shared with us a simple, yet different approach to your typical quesadilla.  This recipe that will be sure to entice your taste buds mid-day. Loaded with protein packed chickpeas, sweet dried cranberries and spinach, this vegetarian lunch option will boost your energy and keep you satisfied for the rest of your workday!

a stainless steel lunch box filled with quesadilla, guacamole, pineapples, celery and brownies on the table
Spinach, Dried Cranberry, Chickpea Quesadilla by Kristen Yarker Nutrition Agency

2. The Uncomplicated Buddha Bowl with Tahini Chive Dressing

Who doesn’t love an instagram-worthy, appetite pleasing, plant-based Buddha bowl? Dietitian Jess from Jess Nourishes, offered us this vegan, gluten free, high fibre, and damn satisfying meal that is perfect for meal prep sunday because this can makes amazing leftovers! This mouth-watering Buddha bowl includes chickpeas, quinoa and avocado packed with protein and healthy fats, coated in a glorious tahini chive dressing with maple syrup and lemon juice.

Colorful Buddha bowl featuring chickpeas, quinoa, avocado, and a tahini chive dressing, highlighting a nutritious, vegan, and gluten-free meal.
The Uncomplicated Buddha Bowl with Tahini Chive Dressing by Jess Nourishes

3. Vegetarian Tofu Dumpling

Amy Chow, dietitian and founder of Chow Down Nutrition, shared with us her family’s favorite vegetarian dumpling recipe just in time for Chinese New Year (it’s the Year of the Dragon on Feb 10th 2024). Amy shared that in the Chinese culture, people make and eat dumplings for Chinese New Year because the shape resembles ancient silver & gold – so this brings in wealth for the new year. 

The great part about this recipe is that all family members can dig in to help and make their own creations by wrapping filling in the dumpling wrappers. And because it’s vegetarian, you don’t have to worry about your kids licking their fingers after touching meat! These also freeze very well for days when you don’t want to spend more than 5 minutes in the kitchen.

a plate of homemade vegan chinese dumplings with a pair of chopsticks
Vegetarian Tofu Dumpling by Chow Down Nutrition

4. Purple Yam Chia Pudding

Annie Tsang, Dietitian and owner of Nutrition Well, shares with us a breakfast that’s for sure going to add some color to your day! 6 ingredients and 3 minutes later, you have yourself a breakfast winner that is thick, cream, delicious and healthy.

an open jar of purple yam chia pudding topped with sliced bananas and oats on the table
Purple Yam Chia Pudding by Nutrition Well

5. Make My Life Easy Quinoa Salad

This refreshing salad by Jenn Messina, is refreshing, easy to prepare and is a one pot winner meal! Loaded with plant-based protein, whole grains and loads of fresh veggies, this dish will leave you feeling full and satisfied without taking much time to prepare at all! For more versatility, leave the avocado out until serving to make this salad ahead of time or save half of the recipe for another meal.

a big bowl of quinoa salad with chopped cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, feta cheese and green onions
Make My Life Easy Quinoa Salad by Jenn Messina

6. Easy Vegan Ramen

Embracing a plant-based lifestyle doesn’t mean sacrificing depth and richness in flavor. Registered dietitian, Whitney Hussain‘s Easy Vegan Ramen is a testament to this, perfectly capturing the elusive umami essence often associated with meat-based dishes. This dish is crafted with dried mushrooms and miso paste, which are the stars of this recipe, delivering a robust and satisfying taste.   While this recipe takes a plant-based twist on traditional ramen, it retains the soul-warming essence of the classic bowl.

bowl of ramen noodles topped with shitake mushrooms, tofu, greens and parsley
Easy Vegan Ramen by Whitney Hussain

Which of these delicious meals are you going to try next?  Tag us with @bcdietitians or #bcdietitians on instagram or facebook for a chance to have your picture featured! 

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