Meet your BC Dietitian Nutritionist – Selena De Vries

Selena De Vries is a Registered Dietitian residing in the beautiful Okanagan BC.  As someone who lives with celiac disease, Selena can truly empathize with her clients and give you her best tips when it comes the support she offers for people diagnosed with celiac disease and digestive disorders.

She is an expert professionally as a registered dietitian and personally through navigating the gluten-free diet herself.  Selena aims to help you find your new normal with a sense of clarity and confidenceclear the confusion around digestive health, and help you discover food freedom despite food restrictions.  Learn more about what you can eat with Celiac Disease here

[VIDEO] BC Dietitians Interview Series with Selena DeVries:

Selena shared about her work as a dietitian in providing nutrition therapy for celiac disease and digestive health. She offers her dietitian services as 1:1 virtual consultsa Gluten Free 101 group course and a celiac kids camp in Kelowna BC.  Selena shared why it’s so important for people with celiac disease to avoid all gluten sources so you can finally start feeling better.  She also shared about her own journey in navigating her celiac diagnosis and creating resources as a professional and personal expert to support others with celiac disease.

What Services Do You Offer as a Registered Dietitian?

I work in private practice as a virtual dietitian specializing in the dietary management of celiac disease.  I help individuals online, either with one on one appointments or in group settings as part of my online course offerings. I also offer a yearly camp celiac for children ages 6-12yrs in Kelowna, BC.

What is a Unique Benefit & Value of Working with You?

As a dietitian living with celiac disease, I truly understand the unique challenges of the gluten-free diet. I am able to relate to my clients on a different level because of our shared diagnosis. My one on one appointment and course content all incorporate original content that was developed by me because it couldn’t be found elsewhere.

What’s Your Favorite Compliment You have Received from Your clients? 

Oh goodness, this is hard! My clients have been very generous with their kind words. I honestly feel so grateful that they choose to work with me. Perhaps, one that has stuck with me: I never knew label reading and grocery shopping could be this easy again“.

Share a time when you know you have made a difference 

Definitely our inaugural camp celiac in 2019. The kids feedback day in and day out was that they were “So happy they could all eat the same foods as everybody and didn’t have to worry about food.” Seriously, made my heart melt every time I heard it. They also made me a thank you card with all of their names in it at the end of the week that I will never forget and never lose. It’s sitting on top of a bookshelf right now beside my desk.

I am passionate about helping individuals with celiac disease receive accurate information on the gluten free diet and digestive health.


When and how a client take a step to get in touch with you? 

Know that celiac disease does not define you and you can feel joy again when you think about food, your body, and others. You just need an exceptional support team to help you along. You can get in contact with me via phone at 778-990-6047, through my profile, or on instagram: @celiac_dietitian

Once you get in contact, we can book you in for an initial appointment or an online course or just chat for a couple of minutes and see what type of support would be best suited for your needs.

What’s your favorite blog/product/post you’d like to share 

My all time most popular posts are my gluten-free Halloween Candy lists. But, let’s be real – these candies are available all year long!”  Here is the latest 2019 GF Halloween Candy List.


What is your favourite meal or snack?

GF fish and chips! 


If you would like to learn more about and work with Selena Devries, head on over to her profile and send her a message to get started!

Blog contributor: 

Selena De Vries, RD

Jennifer Chernoff, Dietetics student

Picture of Selena Devries

Selena Devries

Selena is a dietitian living with celiac disease and specialize in the dietary management of celiac disease in practice. She graduated with a degree in Nutrition and Dietetics from the University of British Columbia, was trained on the FODMAP Diet for IBS at Monash University, plus many more trainings from expert GI doctors and dietitians in the field of celiac disease. And, she has over 10 years of experience helping celiacs live a happier and healthier life. She is the creator of Live Gluten Free with More Ease, an online program that helps celiacs master the gluten free diet so they can think about celiac less and enjoy their life more! After helping herself and hundreds of others thrive on the GF diet, she developed this step by step online program to help you live gluten free with more ease.

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