• Natalie has been practicing as a registered dietitian since 2020. Since then, she has developed skills in a variety of practice areas, including acute care, oncology, eating disorders, and pediatrics. She has also worked in the community as a Food Skills Coordinator at a community food centre. Natalie is passionate about supporting individuals and families with making mealtimes a more positive experience for everyone. Natalie knows that life can be crazy at times, and the last thing anyone needs is another chore, especially when it comes to mealtimes.

    She meets clients where they are, whatever that looks like, and provides practical nutrition strategies and tips. Natalie’s objective is to empower her clients to define and meet their nutrition goals. Her approach is calm and empathetic, and she practices using a weight-inclusive, anti-diet culture lens.


    Areas of Practice:

    Picky/selective eating
    Building positive mealtimes
    Neurodiversity-affirming and responsive feeding approach
    General nutrition and meal planning

Interesting Facts

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Credentials and Experience

Bachelor of Science, Food, Nutrition and Health, major in Dietetics (BSc) completed with honours from the University of British Columbia.

Years of experience working as a clinical dietitian in various inpatient and outpatient settings including, acute care, oncology, eating disorders, and paediatrics.

Additional training includes completing Eating Disorder Education for Registered Dietitians.

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